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Ben Hart “The Outsider” Soho Theatre 18/04/2014

I saw Ben Hart last night and I had to talk about it. I haven’t reviewed anything for ages as I haven’t had the time and not seen a lot anyway. But after seeing “The Outsider”, I had to write. Note: I will not reveal any spoilers.


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What Boys Look For in Girls

We all want to be appreciated…but initial attraction isn’t really based in reality. There’s a really huge audience of very young women on YouTube, and I’m really worried about them basing their self-worth on whether they appeal to guys. That seems to be how the world is set up. I’m a dude, of course, so I’m basing this on what I’ve seen on YouTube and IRL, but I don’t think I’m crazy.

I should have said in the video…this isn’t meant to be relationship advice. There are lots of good people out there with whom to have relationships, but what they’re “looking for” doesn’t necessarily correspond with what they actually want or need. That “love at first sight” moment is pretty much the least interesting moment of a relationship (despite being one of the most exciting.)







#well that’s the role of a lifetime if i ever saw one

Am I the only one thinking that if he’s coming from Charing Cross, Thor’s gonna have to change at least twice; once at Embankment to get on the Circle or District line, then again at Tower Hill to get the DLR at Tower Gateway to Lewisham. OR if he’s going to North Greenwich he has to change at Waterloo for the Jubilee line.

And all this without an Oyster Card? Good luck mate.

aka the reason I laugh when I watch this trailer



And then where he gets out is actually my uni!!! There is no train station there - he would have about a ten minute walk from the station through all the tourists!

I was around where they were filming by the way but saw no one :(.

Blurry photos of piff and me at soho theatre tonight

Blurry photos of piff and me at soho theatre tonight

From the royal Albert Hall

From the royal Albert Hall

Reblog if you are a women who is offended by the lyrics in Blurred Lines


I will be writing a sociological research paper about the effects of the lyrics in Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines.

Please reblog this if you are a female who finds the lyrics of this song offensive or upsetting.

The equal post for men can be found here.

Pedantic Critique of Project:Library

I have been watching Project:Library and have enjoyed it and I think shows how more fictional genres bar vlog style formats can be done but still embrace YouTube. However, I was taken out of the experience somewhat by little things that I only would spot due to a) being a pedant and b) having experience/knowledge about some of the more realistic things in the show.

I will explain. I have a slightly unusual situation. I have done work experience in a library, so know how libraries work behind the scenes, not just as a customer. This is compounded by my twin sister having worked in libraries for years so talks to me about the minutiae of libraries and various issues relating to them. There is another aspect at work is that I currently work for a local authority in the finance department as a trainee accountant. This means I am working in public finance as well as studying it and have a critical eye for anything related to that.

So,  slight spoilers ahoy!

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Emma Approved Thoughts

So, Emma Approved, the people behind the Lizzie Bennet Diaries’ next project, is out Monday and I have a few thoughts about it. I was admittedly a little disappointed by the choice as I felt it was a tad obvious as well as Emma’s character could be seen to be over similar to Lizzie’s character, especially within a modernisation where some of the nuances of each character would be lost. I can understand why it was chosen, as it does modernise easily compared to some of Austen’s other work. I was also a bit concerned they would tone down her character and make her too likeable from the beginning. However, after seeing a bit of the transmedia stuff they have done, I feel more confident in them getting all the aspects of her personality.

I have started re reading Emma in preparation for the series and it got me thinking of things I would like to see in the adaption that may get left out. If you have not read the book or seen any other adaptation of Emma and don’t like spoilers, stop reading.

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The Achievement Hunter/ Fandom Controversy

After more controversy within the Achievement Hunter fandom with something Michael did, I felt that I wanted to write my opinion on the ‘offensiveness’ of the language/behaviour of the AH crew and the fan reaction towards it. I’ll start with AH side of the coin and what I think they might be able to do about it.

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